'Combat 6' Team Challenge for Medium sized Groups

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A perfect Team Building Activity for groups of 20 - 80 people

Groups will be divided into Teams of 10 and compete in a rotation of 6 Military Style team building activities. Teams must allocate tasks to members of the Team best suited to the Role. An ideal activity for Team Building Days.

Activities can include:

  • Firing a Trebuchet
  • Pistol Shooting
  • FluFlu Arrow Challenge
  • Light a Fire with a Fire stick and boil water
  • Team Combat run over 6 Obstacles
  • Engage Target with a Paint ball Gun         
  • Blind fold drive a Military V8 Land Rover
  • Solve a Complex Puzzle

Contact us and we will construct a programme to suit your Team's ability, Time and Budget.

Call 09 422 9944 now to make a booking or contact us via this form.