School Leadership Programmes & Adventure Activities

At Action Matakana we believe in designing School Adventure Programmes and Outdoor Activity Courses to meet the requirements of each and every group. 

The Action Matakana team are experts in running School Adventure Programmes and use puzzle challenges, construction activities, obstacle course and extensive team building expertise to challenge and encourage confidence in teenagers. We believe that effective teamwork is one of the core elements of a successful society, which is why our school programmes are designed for team training and coordination. 

We will custom design a School Adventure Programme to suit your school group.

  • All student groups and classes Y10 and above

  • Student Leadership Groups including the Prefect Corps

  • School Sports Teams

Our outdoor activity courses run from 1 day to 5 day options long and include Experiential Exercises and Puzzles, Construction Exercises, a Military Grade Obstacle Course and and other Team Building exercises ideal for teenagers and school leaders who are learning new capabilities. 

Students are shown how to formulate and carry out a plan using the tried and tested Military Appreciation Process Leadership Identification and Training.

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Supporting schools’ NCEA Programmes

We have engaged with several schools to develop activities that will help Teachers enhance their NCEA programmes. Talk to us about what we do and how we can help your students achieve.

Outdoor Activities for Schools

Ask us about your ideas for Adventure Programmes or Outdoor Activity Courses for your school. We can custom design the right experience for your students.

Prefect Training Course

Choose a 1-3 Day Course run at our base inside the Matakana Country Park, just 40 minutes North of Albany. Prefect Training is a time of intense activity where candidates are put through a series of mental and physical exercises to test their leadership ability and coping mechanisms under pressure.

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