'The Chase' Team Challenge for Large Groups

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Team Building Activity for larger groups (80+) with diverse talents

The Chase is a Multi-task team building activity designed to test your team's ability to understand the complexities of a task, delegate the right people to the tasks that suit their personality and skill sets, and organise effectively with attention to detail, time keeping, delegation, efficient application of Team Talent. We will provide a safe (and challenging) event that will cater to all the team's abilities.

Teams will work to acquire as many $$$ as possible in the available time. To win BIG Team Members may be required to:

  • Retrieve an item from up a tree

  • Light a small fire

  • Design a T-Shirt

  • Read a map to retrieve vital clues

  • Balance on a Slack Line

  • Shoot a target with a Pistol, Bow and  Arrow

  • Solve a complex puzzle

  • Create and sing a song

  • Build a Device from supplied materials

  • Drive the Landrover blindfolded

Each activity is scored according to the complexity of the challenge. Teams must match abilities and skill set to best complete the challenges. The more Tasks the Team can cram into the available time the more $$$$ they will collect for the final whistle.

This is an example of the kind of corporate team building package we can design and tailor to your group's fitness levels and business goals!

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