Military Style Team Building Days

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Military Appreciation Process (MAP)

Discover how Western Defence Forces solve problems and produce working plans. An introduction  to MAP will prove a valuable business tool you can take and apply to your business.

This is followed by a series of fun Military Style activities gaining points as you go. These will culminate in your Team becoming an integrated Combat Team ready to face Work Place Challenges!


  • Team Combat Run over Obstacles
  • Neutralising targets with sniper fire
  • Strategic River crossing on a stretcher
  • Trebuchet challenge 
  • Fire Starting Challenge 
  • Blindfold Land Rover Driving Challenge 
  • Executive Puzzles 
  • And more

You may note by the image shown - the NZ Army does use our obstacle course!

This is an example of the kind of corporate team building package we can design and tailor to your group's fitness levels and business goals!

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