Liam Wilkinson reviews Matakana X Run Obstacle Race

We are always really pleased to have super sportsmen Liam Wilkinson and Scotty Thornton compete in the Matakana X Run obstacle race. This year they teamed up to take out second place, and Liam wrote about it in his AscendFit blog. His website is worth reading for all sorts of great fitness and OCR insights and training techniques.

"OCR is probably my favourite type of event to compete in. There’s a unique combination of strength and skill required which, for me, makes training interesting."

- Liam Wilkinson

How to train for OCR - Tips from AscendFit

You can’t just be a speedy runner or super strong – you need to be prepared for both.

Leading up to the race, my training consisted of both bodyweight resistance training and running. Like any event, it’s important to train for the event and often that means switching up your usual workout routine.


You might be surprised to find your body isn’t conditioned for simple functional movements like pushing and pulling, particularly if you work in an office job. Focus on adding workouts to your training programme consisting of push, pull & leg movements like press-ups, dips, lunges, squat jumps, as well as exercises that challenge your grip strength like pull-ups and rows.