Action Matakana Team Building Tips for Seymour, Peters & Luxon

This article appeared in The Spinoff - you can read it here.... enjoy an extract below on how our Founder Max Carpenter would create some team-building challenges for the threesome:

‘Something with a bit of mud or water’
What better place to begin than Action Matakana, an obstacle course and corporate team-building programme with a slogan that Christopher Luxon has to love: “Get your company back on track.” 
Founder Max Carpenter, a former military officer, agrees that this is a mighty challenge.
Action Matakana would set Peters and Seymour “a challenge that would place them both out of their comfort zones”, says Carpenter. First, disorientation: “With those two snappy dressers something with a bit of mud or water comes to mind.” 
Next, something requiring collaboration: “A challenge they would jointly have to work together to solve, [such that] one could not succeed without the other.” And as if that isn’t sounding like compulsory viewing already, a “touch of fear” challenge, one that “if they collectively failed it would have an unpleasant outcome for them both”. 
“Having achieved or failed the task they may well come away with a better understanding of the other’s capabilities and be able to position themselves to work together for the betterment of a project they both believe in,” says Carpenter. “Whatever the outcome I believe there will be a need for a bigger bull in the paddock to keep lasting peace. If Christopher L can pull this off there will be a job waiting for him at Action Matakana.”