Chopper Challenge 2019

Chopper Challenge Race Day: 17 November 2019.

Enter the Chopper Challenge here and join us at Action Matakana for the ultimate test of teamwork, endurance, strength, and stamina…
The Chopper Challenge aims to raise $100,000 - and are asking you and your team to fundraise $5,000 for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – that’s the average cost of one rescue mission. 

YOUR MISSION - Take part, have a great time and save a life.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust has partnered with Westpac and Action Matakana to bring you this unparalleled test of your physical and mental capabilities.

You and your three teammates will be put against the clock to complete either one or two laps of our obstacle course with over 30 demanding obstacles in your path. One lap or 2, teamwork - and a change of clothes - will be vital!

“I have travelled all around the world competing in trail runs and Action Matakana is one of the best courses out there in terms of obstacles.” - Liam Wilkinson, Ascend Fit

Westpac Rescue Helicopter Crews work in teams of four? These teams include a Doctor, a Pilot, a Crewman, and an Intensive Care Paramedic. Although each has their own role on the team, it is imperative that they work together to complete each life-saving mission. The Westpac Chopper Challenge has been created to recognise this inspiring teamwork and raise vital funding for this life-saving service.

Join the Chopper Challenge now!